Maverick Series

Maverick Series

Maverick Soft Close Trousers Rack

AED 286.00
Engineered with premium materials and a soft-close mechanism, this rack ensures smooth, quiet storage for all your trousers. Please note that pre-order products will be delivered at a later date.
Maverick Series

Maverick Soft Close Liftable Hanger

AED 419.50
An innovative clothing hanger designed to maximize space and preserve garment quality features a mechanism that allows the hanger to be lifted up and down smoothly, often with a soft-close function to prevent abrupt movements and minimize wrinkles on the clothing. 
Maverick Series

Maverick High Rotatable Multifunctional Shelf

AED 528.75
A space-saving storage solution designed to optimize organization within closets. With its 360-degree rotation feature and adjustable shelves, it offers convenient access to clothing, accessories, and footwear from any angle. 
AED 464.50
The Maverick High-end Soft Close Decorations Shelf blends luxury with functionality, providing a refined showcase for your most treasured items. Featuring a soft close mechanism for quiet operation, this shelf offers customizable options and exquisite design details to elevate your wardrobe's aesthetic. 
AED 1,197.25
Introducing the 360° Rotatable Multi-Layer Shoe Rack, a game-changer in shoe organization. Crafted with versatility in mind, this innovative rack offers a full 360-degree rotation, providing easy access to your entire shoe collection with just a spin. With multiple layers, it maximizes storage space, allowing you to neatly organize and display all your...
AED 479.00
Crafted with luxurious leather and featuring a soft-close mechanism, this basket offers a seamless and sophisticated solution for organizing your essentials. Perfect for towels, blankets, or magazines, its versatile design adds a touch of style to any room while keeping clutter at bay. 
AED 336.00
Suitable for storing ornaments, squares, belts, etc. With damp guide rail, smooth, smooth and quiet use; different specifications can be selected according to different cabinets. 
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